The ability to earn an income and the potential growth of income is a person’s most valuable asset. Without protection, a family and its financial future is in jeopardy.

Most employer-sponsored long-term disability plans provide foundational coverage but leave executives and employees under-protected. Your clients probably don’t know that they are putting their people at unnecessary risk, especially key employees where the gaps in coverage can be significant.

The Insurance Partners works alongside you to deliver comprehensive life, disability, and long-term care solutions to fill the gaps in your clients’ plans.

A white glove process is our standard.

  • Concierge-level consultation to deeply understand your client’s situation and needs.

  • Independent analysis of options.

  • Unbiased recommendations..

  • Implementation and management support, reducing the burden on your internal team.

Our work is aligned with your success.

  • Little to no underwriting required.

  • Truly independent strategy and comprehensive market review and access to exclusive programs.

  • Dedicated account executives for plan implementation and ongoing management.