Disability insurance must be more than just a bullet point in an annual review meeting

Today’s insurance and benefits marketplace is intensely focused on health and wellbeing, and with good reason, With rising healthcare costs and increasing complexity and variety in the health coverage marketplace, it’s easy for human resources leaders and benefits managers to get bogged down. On top of that, companies’ retirement plans occupy a lot of mind space with executives and employees.

But what’s the risk to the overall picture of health and financial wellbeing for your clients’ executives and employees if long-term disability insurance is only a bullet point during an annual review meeting (or worse yet, is missing from the discussion altogether)? The danger here is that everything you are trying to protect through health coverage and retirement benefits can quickly dissolve if the employee becomes disabled. Suddenly, not only is physical health an issue, but also financial health becomes incredibly unstable. How long can the employee remain on payroll? After that, what happens when COBRA goes away? With no paycheck and no income, a disabled employee gets a double whammy from which the family may never recover.

Don’t let tragedy befall your clients’ executives and employees.

Even when companies do have disability insurance plans in place, most plans have gaps in coverage, unbeknownst to you as a consultant and to your client as an employer.

The Insurance Partners not only assists you with the disability insurance sales process to your employer clients, but we also identify the best coverage options for any situation through our deep knowledge of the disability insurance marketplace. We’ll help make sure your clients and their employees don’t fall through the cracks.

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