Expect the unexpected

Nothing illustrates the need for a solid income protection plan through disability coverage more than an unexpected injury or illness. Put yourself in the shoes of the people you are serving through group or individual benefits plans. What happens if suddenly, the primary breadwinner in a family can no longer work? A disabling injury or illness sets off a cascade of complicated and frightening events for the employee and the employee’s family. Soon, there is no more job. No job means no paycheck. At some point, no job also means no more health insurance. The ripple effect is profound and can be devastating to a family’s financial situation.

When the unexpected occurs, gaps in disability coverage which were previously hidden suddenly become profoundly obvious and acutely painful. Even for those with coverage provided by their employers, rarely, if ever, does it protect them as expected.

We help you protect the people you serve from a false sense of security. The Insurance Partners is dedicated to building best-in-class solutions to avoid tragic situations for the people you are serving through your employer clients or as a financial advisor working directly with individuals and families.

The Insurance Partners